Standard products

Standard does not mean ordinary

Our customers are always searching for stylish products for reception areas, shops and events and jewellers and shop owners demand simple “stands” and “containers” to make their products really stand out. That is why standard products have a place in our range. But standard doesn’t mean ordinary, because we adhere to the highest standards for the products in this range too.

Price and availability

These standard items are usually available from stock and are available quickly on request. As they are offered in standard sizes, these items are low in price in comparison with our customised products.

Our standard range comprises a number of displays that deserve a place in display case systems, in shops or chains, at your event or in the meeting room, so that you can put your products in the spotlights. We also offer document holders and frames and much more. The range is set to grow and expand according to our customers’ requirements.

Of course, we are aware that “standard” is a relative term. Do you have something specific in mind? A special size? For larger quantities, we use a customised proposal.

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