Customised products

Customisation in plexiglas® is our real specialism. You can contact us for any product in PMMA.

If you are searching for plinths, covers, parts, standard sheets or an application that you’re not sure can be made, feel free to contact us.

Distriplex monitors every order to ensure that you receive more value for your money. We do this according to the following questions:

  • dimensions: what are the dimensions (w x d x h) of the element you are searching for?
  • quantity: how many items do you need? We process large and small orders with the same care and only ask you for the quantity so that we can optimise the material.
  • sketch: if your request has a specific form, can you please also provide a sketch of this?

Call us, e-mail or use the form below to send your request. We will quickly send you a quotation that meets your requirements!

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