General conditions


1.1 Only the order confirmation signed by the seller binds the seller. The execution is carried out in accordance with the general sales conditions in the order form and / or the invoices, with the exclusion of the customer's own conditions, even if these are subsequently communicated. The sales agreement is only concluded after the written confirmation by the seller. A start of execution counts as confirmation unless this has been done with reservation. Orders taken by a representative, appointed or servant of the seller are only valid after written confirmation by an authorized person who can bind the company.

1.2 Every cancellation of any order has to be done in writing. It's only valid with written confirmation of the seller. In any case of cancellation, the customer pays the standard fee of the price of the order. This fee covers the fixed and variable costs and possible profit loss.

1.3 An order can only be placed by a natural or legal person with a company number. Distriplex has the right to nullify an order when this condition is not met.

1.4 After the order has been placed, the buyer has no right of withdrawal.


The goods are to be delivered as specified in the order form or on the front of the invoice.


3.1 The price is as stated on the specifications, unless the seller sees himself obliged to adjust it to the evolution of his fixed or variable costs as a result of changes in the structure (raw materials, wages, energy, ...). Any price revision will be made according to the legally permitted standards. In this case the new price applies as stated on the front of the invoice.

3.2 The price is excl. VAT

3.3 The price does not include delivery, transport and insurance costs, unless stated otherwise.


4.1 The delivery periods are only provided by way of information and are therefore not binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. Delays in execution can never be a reason for penalties, compensation or dissolution of the agreement.

4.2 If the buyer has to pick up the goods and he is in default, a custody fee can be charged, the buyer now bears the risk.

4.3 If, after ordering, the product does not lie with the buyer within 30 days, even in case of delay, the order can be canceled by the buyer.

4.4 In the first instance, delivery is only made in the Benelux, but for specific applications the seller can also decide to provide potential customers in other regions with his products.

4.5 The seller guarantees the good condition of the product. If not, the customer is entitled to a repair, replacement or refund.


5.1 The buyer should immediately receive and inspect the goods. No complaints will be accepted after 8 days after delivery or after treatment.

5.2 Hidden defects can only give rise to compensation if they have been detected with all due speed and have been communicated in writing within 5 days after their discovery and if the goods have not undergone any treatment in the meantime. The possible compensation can not exceed the price of the goods.

5.3 Errors that are not visible to the naked eye at 1 meter distance inside and 3 meters outside can never be accepted as a claim.


The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the principal sum, costs and interest.

Delivery takes place at the risk of the buyer, who must insure himself against possible damage.

The buyer will inform the seller if the goods are placed in a room rented by the buyer.


7.1 The price is payable on receipt of the goods, unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

7.2 The amount of the invoice must be paid net. Discount and bank charges are at the expense of the buyer.

7.3 In the event of non-payment, the price will be increased by a fee of 15%, which corresponds to the nuisance that the seller thus undergoes, and to the administration costs incurred in this respect. In addition, interest is due which exceeds the discount rate of the National Bank of Belgium by 2%. These increases are due without any notice being required. The negligence interest is calculated per started month.

7.4 The non-payment on the due date of a single invoice makes the due balance of all other, even overdue invoices, immediately due and payable.

7.5 Similarly, in the event of full or partial non-timely payment, the fines and interest as stated under 7.3 are due.

7.6 The drawing or acceptance of bills of exchange or other negotiable documents does not constitute a debt renewal and does not constitute a deviation from the sales conditions.

7.7 Without prejudice to what is stipulated in 5.1, in case of dispute the invoice must be protested within 8 days after receipt.

7.8 Payments can be made via the payment platform mollie or by bank transfer to:

CRELAN IBAN BE 09103031591857






If the trust of the seller in the creditworthiness of the buyer is shocked by acts of judicial execution against the buyer and / or demonstrable other events that question the trust in the proper execution of the commitments concerning the buyer and / or make it impossible, the seller reserves the right to demand the appropriate guarantees from the buyer. If the buyer refuses to comply, the seller reserves the right to cancel the entire order or part thereof, even if the goods are already shipped in full or in part. In such a case, the amount due in 1.2 will be due by way of compensation.

Art 9. Privacy & Data Protection (GDPR)


Distriplex follows the GDPR Act (General Data Protection Regulation) of May 25, 2018. In the spirit of that law we have taken measures against data leaks and hackings and we are transparent in our procedures for data collection and data storage:


Distriplex undertakes not to share personal information with other parties and to use it only for the order placed by a person. Throughout the procedure, Distriplex is transparent in how and what information we collect.

After a possible sales procedure, Distriplex only provides commercial information to persons who have explicitly given permission for this.

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It is expressly agreed between the parties that all goods of the buyer in the warehouses and workshops can be retained by the seller to further guarantee the payment of the commissioning fee for goods already returned.


11.1 In case of dispute, only the courts of Ghent are competent.

11.2 All costs related to collection by legal means, Including fees, will be charged to the buyer.

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