Who we are

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 I was 23 and I started working for a German plastics company operating in the distribution sector.  I soon became fascinated with PMMA, a fantastic transparent material that can be used in all sectors. My then boss quickly realised that the most of my sales would be in plexiglas® or related products. He offered me the opportunity to study this in more depth and sent me to the manufacture to gain more knowledge. My training at Röhm in Darmstadt enabled me to learn all about the very many possibilities of plexiglas®.

I became “branch manager” of a British plastics company in Brussels in 1994. There, I investigated all other ‘acrylic/plexiglas®/PMMA’ brands and learned a lot. This English company was unexpectedly disbanded after being taken over by a Dutch group.

This was a signal to me that the time had come to establish my own company.

Distriplex was established in 1996 under the motto “your partner in distribution and processing of rigid plastics”. Now, as well as being a salesperson, I also became a processor working together with my associate’s workshop.

Some 20 years later and we are producing and selling at home and abroad. We are particularly well-known in the art and museum world. Our target group has now expanded to industry and all other sectors that can use acrylic.

Distriplex is, of course, a trusted Frank Europe customer and is exclusive Frank distributor in the Benelux

I do not have a huge amount of spare time, but in addition to family time and eating out occasionally, I enjoy travelling the world. I also really enjoy music. I’ve played the piano since I was 6 and have a repertoire that mainly comprises film music.