Our philosophy

For us, your satisfaction comes first, whether this concerns a display, a processed industrial item or a display case for a museum.

People visit museums to view objects, so the emphasis should not be on the display case. Our objective is to enable sound, beautiful and discrete presentations.

In industry our customers are searching for items that are a precise fit. That is why we always supply customised industrial items with a technical drawing for approval. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings, installation runs smoothly and our customers are satisfied.


Every customer who visits us is supported from the initial contact until the final delivery of the project, irrespective of the customer’s requirements, experience or the size of the order. This support creates the added value offered by Distriplex.

A part for a machine, the protection of a work station, a display case on a plinth, ... we offer clear answers to your questions and solutions that are just as transparent as the material we like to use! The result is a product of extremely high-quality, exactly as you had in mind.


Our service is what truly distinguishes us from the competition. This service guarantees a perfect result for each order and each project, whether large or small. We offer more than plastic applications; we offer guarantees. A guarantee of more value for your money.