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Qube (hoods)

Welcome to our Plexiglas world

Distriplex has been your supplier of Plexiglas and related plastics for over 20 years. Distriplex is the Plexiglas specialist, from the smallest components to total solutions.

Distriplex offers both standard products (see webshop) as well as customised products.


Qube (hoods)

Qubes (= the Distriplex quality mark) are museum-quality premium class hoods.

Plexiglas offers a 30-year guarantee against yellowing, is crystal clear and guarantees seamless and bubble-free adhesion.

Our display cases are always customised to the highest standards. To ensure a perfect finish for our applications we use two-part glue for the adhesive bonding.

Art & Museums

We have been known as a supplier of customised Plexiglas plinths, hoods and display cases for many years. Our experience means our customers are assured that we can also offer clear insight into other aspects of their projects and that, within our network, we can connect people with each other.


Industrial Processing

Our industrial processing includes customisation of protective covers, plexiglass for partition walls, components for machines and other industrial applications, which are locally produced and based on the client’s plans.


Recent news items

Welcome to Distriplex 2.0 ... and our new website

The time was ripe so here it is. Finally, a Distriplex website that demonstrates all the aspects of a plexiglass expert.... and now a glass expert too (in display cases and hoods). We look forward to welcoming you, whatever process you need. Just get in touch and let’s work together...

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Louvre Abu Dhabi

This was a huge and fantastic project for Meyvaert Glass Engineering, design by Jean Nouvel. We are tremendously proud to have been able to contribute by supplying all the high-quality plexiglass elements. It was difficult, but what a beautiful result and, of course, a unique reference...

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A vlog in The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels

The umpteenth temporary expo using our display cases, which have been used time and time again since 2009. And still a happy customer and a happy supplier. Visit this beautiful museum; it’s a real must for young and old!

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    Model Manufacturers, Industrial Processing, Pharmaceuticals (display and lab applications), Laboratories, Art & Museums, Cultural Centres, Architects, Municipalities, Art Collectors, Galleries, Stand Builders, Boutiques, Shop Design, Advertising Lighting, Store Chains, Advertising Agencies, Hospitals, Food Sector, Showrooms

    Our Products

    Hoods, Plinths, Boxes, Showcases, Displays, Holders, Frames, Protective covers, Covering caps, Urns / Lottery Boxes, Walls, Displays, Custom work, Industrial parts, Semi-manufactured products, Finished products

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All products in our webshop are manufactured with the greatest care!